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Meet Ben

A search
for meaning...

Ben never thought he’d leave his long-term job as a fitter and turner, until he realised his true passion lay in giving back to the community.

He joined Thrive House then and there, and now, he’s looking to the future – and he can’t wait to keep growing alongside us.

A search for meaning Ben wants to shoot for the stars, but he knows he needs the right support network to get him there. And that’s exactly what he says he’s found as a Key Worker at Thrive House. In his role, Ben oversees the day-to-day care and structure of the house, and the young people living there. But he hasn’t always felt this certain about his career path.


Ben admits he could never have predicted that he’d pursue a career in youth work… That was until a yearning for greater meaning inspired him to leave behind an eight year career as a fitter and turner, and jump in head first.


“I’d been working in England and when I returned home, I realised I wasn’t challenged by my work anymore. I didn’t connect with it, so I went looking for something deeper. I’d previously been told that I would be great in this sector by my family. But one day I heard about this new organisation called Thrive House, and that was that! I’d never go back to the tools.”

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Supported to succeed...

Ben says he’s experienced real support during his time with us, and he’s felt encouraged to explore his true potential. He’s proud to be progressing and learning every day - and furthering his passion for education by becoming a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer.


“They saw the potential in me, which feels amazing. I’ve now finished the training, and I’m so excited to be a Coordinator and educate our staff on the behavioural management of young people. Every day, I’m growing my management skills. I’ve never been this confident in my career. Here, I aim to be better for others, and myself.”


From shift work at our residential care homes, to facilitating mental health programs in a local school – Ben says he’s excited about where his career is taking him. But he says the biggest lesson has been the transformative power of caring.

A lifelong career...

Working with children who have experienced unimaginable hardship, Ben says he’s truly humbled to provide care and support to each of our clients. After three years, Ben feels sure that he’s found a career for life – in a role that makes a real difference in the lives of children. And the biggest reward? Being there to witness moments that prove to be life-changing. He recalls one of his proudest memories: teaching a child to read and write - and watching them catch their first fish.


“Something so simple can have the biggest impact on a child. Those are the moments that make it all worthwhile. Through your work, a young person could complete tasks we take for granted every day. The team at Thrive House have given me every opportunity to progress in this industry. Here, I know I can grow not just professionally, but as an individual, too.”

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