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Meet Kerry

Story of perseverance.

Persistence and purpose.

What does it mean to be a survivor?

Kerry thinks it has a lot to do with sheer determination, but she knows it has even more to do with persisting with purpose. Kerry has been part of our team for more than two years, most recently as our Human Resources Administration Officer. But in that time she’s endured some monumental battles – including the fight for her life – after being diagnosed with Stage Three Breast Cancer.


While that diagnosis certainly changed her life, she’s never stopped playing her part in creating a better life for children who need support. From conducting interviews, collecting data, onboarding new staff or keeping our registers up to date – Kerry has done it all with our clients’ welfare in mind.

“My role is to help keep our system going, to keep the train on the tracks – so our staff can support the kids in our care as best they can. In the past, I worked as a Prison Officer, and saw many adults who had been in residential care as kids enter the prison system. It’s comforting to know that in my role, I’m playing a part in empowering these kids and working to prevent them from going down that path.”


Do you resonate with Kerry?

People just like you are what make Thrive House stand out! There is no industry experience required to be a successful team member, we just ask you bring passion, dedication and a want for change.

Inspired by experience...

Kerry’s experience as a Prison Officer isn’t her only motivation to help vulnerable children in the community. As a child in the 60s, Kerry was adopted into her loving family, who supported her wholeheartedly as she grew up. But she is all too aware that not every child is afforded the same experience with the foster care and adoption system.

“Because of my upbringing, I love knowing that I’m helping young people, every day. I was given a great opportunity to do well in life. I believe everyone deserves a loving home where they can be brought up with people who are there for them. Working at Thrive House, I can see a direct link between my work that helps our frontline staff do their jobs to the best of their ability.”


First joining us as a volunteer Rehabilitation Officer, Kerry persevered in her role with us, even while undergoing chemotherapy. She says she’s felt nothing but support from our team during the process, and has since entered remission.


“I’m a battler, I’m a survivor. The staff at Thrive House are resilient battlers, too. I have a direct line of impact with the kids here; they often come in for a chat or even a hug. With two grown-up daughters of my own, it’s only inspired my desire to support the team even more – knowing that they are supporting the kids. And I have never lost sight of our mission.”


Here's to you Kerry!

With her eyes set on the future, Kerry says she wants nothing more than to keep growing her community services skills with us at Thrive House.


“Thrive House has supported me through my Therapeutic Crisis Training, and Mental Health Training.


Everyone in the office plays a huge part in the success of our services. We all work together to make things work. This is such an important organisation, and together, we can make a difference to these kids’ lives.”

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