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Meet Nathan.

Our Support Worker Nathan, a former carpenter that dared to try something new and won't look back!


Nathan wants to do two things: be the best father he can be, and help vulnerable youth in our community reach their goals. He’s proud to be providing valuable support to the kids in our care every day, knowing that even the smallest gesture can add up to something great.

Carving a path of his own...

Before anything else, Nathan is a father. Becoming a dad changed his view of the world; an experience that has added a deeper level of meaning to the work he does for our clients at Thrive House.

Over the past three years, Nathan has carved out a career as a Support Worker. But he hasn’t always been involved in community services. A former carpenter and builder, he says he never thought he’d end up working with children – often who have experienced indescribable hardship. But with his deep sense of responsibility, love and compassion for the people he works with, Nathan says he wouldn’t trade his role for anything.


“I work with our clients to help them achieve their goals, which means something different for every person. For people who have never experienced residential care, they might look at these goals and think ‘That’s so easy!’, but what we accomplish here are huge milestones for the kids. A long term goal might be to go to the shops or learn better coping skills. No matter what their goals are – I want to help them achieve them.”


Finding a place to grow...

Throughout his time with us, Nathan has demonstrated momentous perseverance and skill progression as a Support Worker. Throughout the joyous - and harrowing times, Nathan has persisted on the path he has chosen. He says he knows more than ever that his purpose is to support children who have had a difficult start in life.


“I feel a huge sense of pride in my role and the kids I work with. Every time I see a client meet a goal they’ve been working towards, this only increases that pride. Every experience teaches me something new, and I’ve been able to take the tools I learned as a House Manager into my current role.”


At Thrive House, he says his compassion and determination are appreciated every day, and he feels like the world is his oyster.


“I’ve seen so much progress happen at Thrive House in the past three years. Working with the kids is the biggest reward. I feel lucky to see them develop, grow and learn. In a role like this, it’s so important to take stock and see just how far you’ve come. I

can do that here. You build a relationship with the kids. It’s more than just support - it becomes mentorship.”

A Tradie that tried something new...

Even though Nathan has left his life as a carpenter behind him, he still draws from his experiences with the craft – and even passes on his advice and skills to the children he works with.

But at the end of the day, he knows his contribution is making a difference for kids, and that is what brings him the greatest sense of pride.

“I’m revelling in my role here. I can leave work and go home to my family, knowing I’ve helped someone learn a new life skill they hadn’t had the opportunity to learn before. There’s nothing like nurturing trust and building a bond with these kids.”

Do you relate to Nathan and his story?

Support Work might be your next to making a valuable change in our community.

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