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At Thrive house we believe in-building communities where you feel secure and at home – a place where you are-included, heard and valued.

We offer a plethora of personalised services set in place to improve the lives-of so many across regional South East Queensland
Residential Care
  • Responsive to assessed needs of individuals
  • Transitional supports
  • Indigenous and cultural diverse approach
  • Prioritisation of family connection
Short Term Accomodation
  • NDIS funded
  • Up to 14 days Accommodated
  • 24 Hour support
  • Included Meals/Transport and activities.
Supported Independant Living (SIL)
  • Full support
  • Individual and Shared options
  • Tailored Accommodation
Community Access
  • NDIS funded
  • Tailored Support
  • Household assistance
  • Travel included

Residential Care.

What is it?
Therapeutic residential care is provided to children and young people with complex and extreme support needs.

These children and young people are provided with intensive therapeutic care, in a tailored living environment, to facilitate recovery from the impacts of physical, psychological and emotional trauma resulting from their experiences of harm or risk of harm.
Thrives take:

We feel it is important to acknowledge that the disabilities and trauma-based difficulties these young people face do not change nor go away once a young person becomes an independent adult.

At Thrive we work towards creating a safe and healthy environment for children to gain a real world approach to life. We believe all children deserve equal opportunities to grow into the best adults they can, for a better tomorrow.

Short Term Accomodation (STA)

Short Term Accommodation is funded by the NDIS.
and includes accommodation and assistance – typically up to 14 days at a time.

Our short term accommodation options provide the highest value to our clients and include a private room, 24-hour support, in-home meals, transport and activities.Check your plan or with your Support Coordinator to see what is included
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Supported Individual Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living, or SIL for short, is a system that enables you to live independently with acknowledgment of your individual needs. You will still have access to help and/or supervision for your daily living tasks however!

You receive the opportunity to develop your skills and independence further, whilst also living in a shared environment that provides support and care when necessary.

SIL is a paid personal support service and a number of factors should be considered before you determine if it’s right for you!
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Community Access (CA)

Community Access is funded by the NDIS.

We work with you to tailor supports that you want and need, the choice is yours.

Wether you need assistance with Personal care, Daily Living Skills, Help with household tasks, Community and Inclusion or Travel,
we are here to help when you need us.
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