Together we can achieve greatness...

Thrive House is a unique and life changing organisation. A place of encouragement for children, young people and adults who are in need of a support system.

We strongly believe every individual deserves equal opportunities in life and it is Thrive's mission to act on this.

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Our Principles

Thrive House is a point of difference in the community, raising the bar and setting the standard of care services provided in this sector. Here at Thrive we put people and their needs at the forefront of all we do, working towards a safer environment for those we support to enjoy a healthy and happy life.


Integrity. Honesty. Value driven lifestyle. To make a positive change for a better future


Community united - Together we can achieve a better tomorrow. Greatness is collaborative.


We value the diversity of our community and demonstrate equal commitment to all.

Our Services

We deliver services through the provision of qualified, experienced staff who are committed and passionate about what we offer as a provider.

We aim to provide homes not houses and to be the service that makes a difference, no matter how small that difference may be.

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Meet Thrives

Dedicated Staff...

Thrive is proud to have such an incredible and hard working team within our community. With over 180 employees spanning from Rockhampton to Brisbane, our staff are making a major difference.

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Thrive House Yarn Corrorbee

Thrive Houses’ indigenous cultural immersion program offers opportunities for individuals to gain a deep understanding of Australia’s traditional owners.

Here At Thrive we encourage cultural immersion among our indigenous participants. We have put in place a weekly yarn for those of indigenous decent who may not be immersed by their culture in their home residence. Allowing these children the opportunity to explore their roots will in the long run allow them to gain a stronger and meaningful sense of identity.

- Tiara Tilley, Cultural Liaison Officer.

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