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Transitional care for children and young people

Residential Care

At Thrive, we believe that the best environment for a child or young person to grow is within the family of origin or extended family, where the family can be resourced to guarantee the child's safety and well-being. When this isn't feasible, the Department of Child Safety, Youth, and Women have the legal obligation to ensure the child's or young person's safety.


Thrive House host multiple Residential Care services throughout South East Queensland. We continue to develop new services to support our most vulnerable participants in the Child Safety system by creating a safe and healthy environment for children to gain a real-world approach to life. 


Therapeutic Residential Care is provided to children and young people with complex and extreme support needs.

These children and young people are provided with intensive therapeutic care, in a tailored living environment, to aid recovery from the impacts of physical, psychological and emotional trauma resulting from their experiences of harm or risk of harm. 

Family involved

Children require chances for positive family interaction. One of the few empirically validated indications of successful therapy is contact with family and community. When parents and child-caring organisations work together, young people benefit. Maintaining children's ties to their families and communities increases their resilience and enhances their self-esteem.

Trauma informed

A high number of children in care have experienced violence, abuse, or neglect, which has harmed their growth and development. When children display problematic behaviour rooted from trauma, adults must be educated on the best response. Children with trauma-sensitive reactions are better able to control their emotions and sustain healthy adult-child relationships.

Real world approach

A real world approach ensures each young person obtains the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they require to successfully navigate life and everyday tasks . It is Thrive House's job to assist children in becoming competent in managing their surroundings, as well as to inspire them to overcome difficulties and acquire skills for the 'real world'.


Activities should be tailored to the young person's developmental levels and aimed to provide them with successful experiences on tasks that they perceive to be difficult. Whether in the areas of intellectual, motor, emotional, or social functioning. According to research and theory, developmentally appropriate activities aid in the development of children's self-efficacy and confidence.

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