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Meet Joel

Joel Dorman decided enough was enough, we need to raise the bar of service.

Why Thrive House? A place with a point of difference.

Joel has worked in disability for over 13 years, with a significant array of business experience and qualifications prior to that. He has held a diverse range of management roles over the years, including that of night security, cash in transit and fitness organisations.


It was Joel's time in disability, however, that showed the injustice and under serviced residentials present in our community, inspiring him to make genuine change.

Thus, in 2017 Joel officially decided it was time to "improve and raise the bar of service". This ultimately led him to form a strong team of individuals and bring his vision to life. Of course, this ultimately led him to Bernadette, and just like that, Thrive House was born.


After a trying Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) process, their first residential home was opened.

Along with how far Thrive House has come over the past five years, Joel says he has been on a personal journey, growing with the company to ensure it is the best it and himself can be. With such genuine passion and drive to do what is best, he is a strong leader to all of us at #TeamThrive.


Interested in a position here at Thrive?

People just like you are what make Thrive House stand out! There is no industry experience required to be a successful team member, we just ask you bring passion, dedication and a want for change.

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