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Hiring Our Team

Sometimes the hiring process can be intimidating, so we want it to feel as easy as possible when you are joining #TeamThrive.

Our hiring process is an integral part of our organisation as the people we hire will help us make real change. In order to continue building a safe and diverse environment, a fair hiring process is the first step.

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The Process

To make the application process easier, we have broken down the steps to working with us below.

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1. Self-reflection

This first step of the hiring process is often overlooked but is truly something we encourage you to do. Before you start applying, ask yourself what you have learned from your past experiences, how much you enjoy working with a team and what the most rewarding job you have had is.

This will not only help you determine where you want to go, but it will also help affirm why working here could be a great opportunity to change a life. After all, some of our best employees have come from backgrounds you would not expect. We want your skills and experience, but also your perspective and passions!

2. Preparing

Nice to meet you

Early on in the hiring process, we want you to really get to know what Thrive House is all about. You should progress with your application once you know a bit more about who we are and why we do what we do. After all, it is the people that make us.

Check out the careers section on our website to read about the regions we operate within, meet some of the people we work with and learn more about what we do. Additionally, we have our Facebook and LinkedIn pages where you can see what we are getting up to as a company.

Your resume

When creating your resume, we suggest you go that little bit deeper and design it for the Thrive House job you are applying for.

This could include aligning your skills and experience with the job description and pairing your experience directly with the role qualifications. With support work we have a minimum Cert 4 requirement, thus ensuring your qualifications are nice and clear (of course you are able to work while you study, just make sure you include this information on your application).

Draw a direct line between your passion and our position, let us see who you are a bit.

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3. Applying

Now you know what you want and why you want it, it is time to apply!


All open jobs from our company are available on SEEK, but we also recommend you keep tabs on our socials to view different jobs that become available easier.

4. Interviewing

If one of our team members thinks you may be a suitable match for one of our roles, you will enter our hiring process. This may be different depending on the position you are applying for, but the same general idea applies. Here are some of the ways we will assess potential candidates:

Recruitment Advice

From Talent & Culture Advisor Melissa Lloyd

"Consider your suitably for the position and your ability to commit to the requirements of the role then emphasise your strengths on your resume, in your cover letters and in your interviews"

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5. Decision & Offer

Once your interview stage has been completed we will bring everything together from both your interviews, references an application to make a decision.

Once you have accepted the offer, our wonderful recruitment team will begin the onboarding process.

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